Crown is a dental restoration otherwise known as "a cap" which covers the entire tooth. It may be required in case of:

1) Extensive damage by decay.

2) Broken down old or very large fillings.

3) Fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth.

4) Root canal treated teeth.

5) Discolored unesthetic teeth.

6) Esthetically compromised teeth


A bridge is placed in case of missing tooth/teeth with teeth on either sides of the open space.
A Bridge which stays fixed is used to replace one or several teeth. The teeth on each end of
the space are used as anchors (abutments) for support. Bridges are not removable by the patient.



Zirconium stands to be the strongest all-ceramic coping material available today. It is ideal for people sensitive to metal or simply favor esthetics of metal-free restorations.These crowns’ biocompatibility has made its mark since years in medical domain.

Zirconium crowns and bridges are extremely strong and can be used anywhere in mouth. Zirconium crowns effectively withstand biting pressure of front as well as back teeth grinding. Zirconium crowns and bridges look close to natural teeth and different is hard to tell.


For the front teeth, which require that extra care in replacing the natural luster, shade and translucency to exactly replicate and improvise upon your smile, DENT-O-CARE offers the innovative Metal free or all ceramic crowns. Made from the highly resilient, tissue compatible Zirconia ceramic cores, through the modern Computer assisted (CAD CAM) technique, DENT-O-CARE’S all ceramic crowns are also an ideal option, if you prefer to keep your mouth metal- free or if you are allergic to metaL


Badly broken/ fractured or damaged tooth? Got a tooth filled several times, but the cement or filling breaks off? Do not worry! Modern advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry can help rebuild and restore your tooth back to the natural shape, size, color and function. A dental crown is an ideal choice and a permanent solution for badly broken, fractured or severely worn/abraded hypersensitive teeth. A metal-ceramic (porcelain) crown is ideal for the back teeth, which bear the stresses during chewing and grinding. Designed with precision for perfect fit and function, all crowns at DENT-O-CARE are made from tissue friendly, biocompatible, wear resistant materials. ITS LASER CAD CAM CROWN

DENT-O-CARE'S Crowns & Bridges are fabricated with materials sourced from some of the best manufacturers worldwide. This ensures that our patients get the finest in terms of quality for longevity & dazzling esthetics.